Shabbat Potluck and Torah study, November 10, 7 pm

Friday, November 10, 2017 at 7 PM,  we will have our Shabbat Pot Luck, with a Torah Study led by Paul Jenner and Léah Silberman. All are welcome!

This week’s Torah reading is Chayei Sarah. Genesis 23:1– 25:18.   You can find a link to this Torah reading (and all weekly Torah readings) on Wikipedia’s  Weekly Torah portion page.  You can find the entire Tanach (Jewish Bible) in Hebrew and English, and can choose a translation into French, Portuguese, or Spanish, at Mechon Mamre.  

Please bring any entrée, appetizer or dessert.  No meat; fish is fine, except for shellfish.  Please bring something that does not need to be heated up or frozen.

Location: the Wade-Pentel home in Jackson Heights. To RSVP and for more information and address, call 718-672-6399

Malkhut will hold their Shabbat evening service on Friday, November 17th in Astoria with Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg. For more information, go to

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