Shalom to All:

Kehillat Tikvah, our Jewish Community of Hope, is preparing its 10th year of service to Jackson Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods of Queens.  Although we came into existence at a time of intense economic crisis, we have been able to develop and maintain a vibrant, inclusive Jewish community that continues to attract dozens of adults and children.

If you have appreciated the services and programs of Kehillat Tikvah over the past year, now is the time to join or renew your KT membership!

As always, while financial support is vital to our existence, membership in KT is offered on a “more if you can, less if you can’t” basis.  In consideration of continuing economic challenges, we have significantly lowered our dues for the coming year. Installment plans are available.  We encourage you to contact our Treasurer ( or the telephone number below) for confidential financial assistance of any kind.

Please fill out our Membership Form 2018-19.  Payment can be made here.

Thank you for your support of our Jewish Community of Hope.  We look forward to hearing from you–and growing with you!


The Leadership of Kehillat Tikvah: A Jewish Community of Hope

P.O. Box 720649

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


2 thoughts on “Membership

    1. Welcome.
      Below is our membership form. Note that membership is $300 for individual and $500 family for the year. Our year starts July 1st so for we would pro rate the amount for this year.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Note our website below.
      Eileen Pentel

      Kehillat Tikvah: A Jewish Community of Hope
      P.O. Box 720649, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 718-569-1887
      MEMBERSHIP FORM 2017-18/5778

      Welcome to Kehillat Tikvah, a congregation of individuals and families who seek to learn, explore, and sustain the teachings and practices of egalitarian Judaism. People join a synagogue for many reasons: study, worship, assembly and more. Some people embrace all of the above and some may be largely attracted to only one or two aspects of Jewish life, but all wish to be part of a vibrant Jewish community.

      Membership dues help us to provide services, programs, speakers, and special events.
      Membership entitles you, reduced fees for family programs and other KT events, to vote, and to hold office.
      Adult Name (1) _________________________ Adult Name(2)____________________________
      Home Phone ____________________Work / Cell Phone/s___________________________________
      Email Address (1) __________________________ Email Address (2) _________________________
      Name/s and Age/s of Child/ren (if any): ________________________________________


      _____ Enclosed is full payment of $500 for Full Household Membership.
      (2 adults or more at same address + children under 18)

      _____ Enclosed is full payment of $300 for Full Individual Membership.
      (1 adult + children under 18)

      _____Enclosed is an additional contribution of $________ to help KT further its mission.

      No one will be denied access to Kehillat Tikvah services and programs because of inability to pay full dues or fees. We remain committed to making Kehillat Tikvah a community where personal financial need is not a barrier to participation, even as we remain committed to addressing our congregation’s financial needs responsibly. Our philosophy is “more if you can, less if you can’t.”

      We encourage you to contact our Treasurer ( or the telephone number above) for financial assistance, payment plans, and/or other confidential arrangements.
      • Please make all checks payable to “Kehillat Tikvah” and mail with this form to PO Box 720649, Jackson Heights NY 11372 or you can pay through PayPal, it says note to seller, please enter membership. If you wish to make an additional donation, in the same space, indicate amount for donation.

      • Please sign on the next page regardless of your specific payment arrangements. If you are paying by PayPal, please mail in this form or send it by e-mail THANK YOU!

      I / We have read the Mission Statement of Kehillat Tikvah (See below)

      Signature (1) _____________________________________

      Signature (2)______________________________________

      How did you first hear about Kehillat Tikvah?_________________________________

      I/we would like to help KT with the following (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):

      Publicity_____________ Program/Event Planning______
      Ritual Committee_________ Outreach________
      Other (please specify) ____________


      Kehillat Tikvah: A Jewish Community of Hope is a congregation of individuals and families who seek to learn, explore, and sustain the teachings and practices of egalitarian Judaism from a shared local neighborhood base in Queens.

      We are engaged in an active and respectful dialogue with each other from our various personal backgrounds and perspectives, as well as with Jewish traditions across the denominational spectrum. We accept the challenges of Brit / Covenant in developing our individual and collective commitments to Jewish life, thought and action.

      Our vision of Judaism is inclusive of diverse personal orientations, lifestyles and family structures. We are committed to the full and equal participation of women and men in Jewish life; and we affirm the Jewishness of children who are raised as Jews by at least one Jewish parent, whether father or mother. We welcome and honor the involvement of the non-Jewish parents and other relatives in raising Jewish children, even as we understand that these individuals may or may not be oriented toward a Jewish spiritual path themselves. In keeping with the traditional Jewish view of the world as supported by three foundations, Kehillat Tikvah seeks to serve as:

      • Beit Midrash / A House of Study for lifelong, intergenerational education; for learning and applying skills, values, and ethics; for participation in cultural programs and activitie

      • Beit Tefilah / A House of Prayer for celebration and commemoration of life cycle events; for observance of Shabbat and holy days; for spiritual seeking and connection

      • Beit K’nesset / A House of Assembly for welcoming likeminded individuals and families of all ages; for caring community support throughout the life cycle; for involvement and cooperation with other Jewish and general community groups in tikkun olam (repair of the world).


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